Review: EP “House of Decay” from Cranley Gardens

So whilst reviewing the 7 track EP “House of Decay” from Cranley Gardens, I noticed something right off the bat but I couldn’t pin point what it was. I said to myself “self, this isn’t your typical metal sound” as I was still trying to nail it down. Second time through the EP and I still couldn’t get what it was! Now I’m 4 rotations deep in the “House of Decay” and it FINALLY hit me! There is a heavy rock influence in their sound if you listen closely. Heavy metal and Death metal both intertwined with a rock foundation … Definitely an intriguing sound.

Ryan the drummer is a MONSTER when it comes to the percussion his drums announce along with insane lust for that double bass. Then you have Joe and Randy on guitar with riffs so precise and sharp and completely on time with Chaz’s deadly screams that it all blends nicely with the deep sounds of Alex’s bass.

It was no doubt I had to give the EP another run! SEVEN times I listened to “House of Decay” now and I had finally grasped the depth of their sound so I took it one step further and went to a local bar that has a predominantly metal scene in Kalamazoo, Mi. I played it for some local random metal heads and they loved it! Several times I was asked who the band was but I refused to given the name. I told them it would be out August 10th and we exchanged info so I could contact them at that time . This 7 track EP from Cranley Gardens named “House of Decay” isn’t an EP you’ll listen to 1,2, maybe 3 songs and disregard the rest. Your going to BLAST all 7 songs…

–written by Nathan Morneault