A Silent Truth

written by Nathan Morneault, Xtreme Alchemy Radio

I was recently put on to a band out of Chicago with screams so clear and vocals so melodic it captivated my ears the second I hit play.

The band is called A Silent Truth and believe me when I tell you there is NOTHING silent about this band. Their new single out now is called “Chariot” and it is a powerful hard hitting song with a message that most hear but now a days take with a grain of salt, “Anything you put your mind to you can accomplish”.

The lyrics that hit me the most was “This is not a game I play I will show you the way” these words weren’t heard they were felt , you only live once and you don’t get a second chance so you need to take action and make life happen. A Silent Truth IS THE TRUTH! Master of their own destiny with a passion and dedication to match the drive for success is a recipe for an exhilarating career.

Although I would have liked to hear more of the clean vocals and a longer guitar solo due to the importance of the message being sent and the notes needed by the guitar to compliment it all. The song is transcendent and took me exactly were I needed to right when I needed to be there… Thundering drums intertwined with the guitar then multiplied by the sound deafening screams and melodic vocals of the cleanest sort toned down perfectly by the bass. Fair to say I just didn’t want the song to end.  A Silent Truth is the real deal….


Lyrics to “Chariot”:

This is not just a dream
This is destiny and I will show you the way
I will fight for this and
I will show you all how
We blow you away

For I’ve found a way to fade from black and white
And on that day my destiny take flight
On chariots

No more hesitating
This is not a game I play
I’ll show you the way

For I’ve found a way to fade from black and white
And on that day my destiny take flight
On chariots

Anything is possible as long as you never quit
Come with me to our destiny our destiny and
Forge our path to our glory our glory
On chariots

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